This team has the opportunity to have a huge impact in the lives of children.

We want to clear up some pre-conceived ideas you might have about serving.  Be honest…some people get a little nervous when they think about serving in the children’s area.  But here is the reality…

Serving in a classroom:

  • You will never be serving in a classroom by yourself.
  • You don’t have to buy supplies or come up with your own lessons… all that is done for you.
  • You don’t have to prep your own materials for your class.  There are people who serve in that roll and do it for you.
  • We will train you and not just throw you in to sink or swim.
  • You don’t have to serve every week of the year, unless that is your choice.

Serving outside the classroom:

  • Greet Squad – greeting new families and guests and help them get their children checked in.
  • Set up and tear down
  • Weekday prep
  • Weekday administrative
  • Weekday cleaning of toys and supplies

Riverwood Next Generation Ministries Serving Opportunities

Click here for the Volunteer Application.
Click here to download ‘permission to obtain a background check’ form.
Click here to download the youth background certification form.

To find our more about being on the Riverwood Next Generation Ministries Team, contact
Emily Mullens, Director