1st-4th Grade

9:00 and 10:45 am

You want the best for your children. So do we! In the Elementary area, our goal is to enable all young people to know, and walk daily with their friend and savior, Jesus Christ.. To accomplish this through the 4 B’s. Every element of our program fits into this vision

Each of our Programs involve a time to play games, chat, do crafts, listen to music, and get to know each other. When a child feels accepted he can feel safe to share and express.

Guests are welcomed, birthdays are celebrated. Ups and Downs are shared. Even just daily activities, thoughts and ideas are an important part of sharing as a family – God’s family.  Each week we spend time talking to God In prayer

“Ask Gods” (prayer needs) and “Thank you Gods” (praise) are shared in Kids Rock. Kids talk about how they see God each week in their lives through “God Sightings”.

Even the infants experience God’s truth through His Word each week!  This becomes an experiential program for elementary age and our preteen/teens get to explore deeper concerns that challenge their lives.  In the Elementary program, we encourage kids to really understand and know the Gospel through a weekly presentation.  Kids are encourage to explore the Bible and see God’s Promises.

Children are encouraged to see God in their life; and share Jesus, by their actions & choices each day, long after they leave their class.  A strong foundation that is faithful to God’s Word and presented with multiple learning styles in the best way to reach EVERY kid with the gift of Jesus!

Questions about Riverwood Next Generation Ministries?
Emily Mullens, Director